Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Designing Tool Kits for Teaching Readers

After attending the following section at the July Summer Reading Institute with Shana Frazin, Close Reading of Texts: Teaching Kids to Monitor for Sense, Infer and Interpret, I am determined to design my own reading and writing toolkits in order to support my teaching during workshop.  I am researching the web – looking high and low – for examples to support my design.  Shana shared her toolkits with us at the institute, which also gives me an image of what I am working toward, but I still feel like I am a bit confused about how to make the different elements of the toolkit more interactive.

I will be posting here the next few days to document my progress in making the kit.  I think that I will design the kit around the different units that punctuate the year.  So I decided to start with Exploring My Reading Life in September. I thought about the goals of the unit – studying ourselves as readers, reading with volume and stamina, choosing books we’ll love and will help us to grow, building stronger conversations around books and started designing charts with teaching points.  However, I am not sure if this is what I am supposed to do.  I included some photos of this work in progress.  What are your thoughts, readers?  

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